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Here are some more pictures from last night's BAFTA Awards!Pictured (l-r): Daniel Craig with girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, Penelope Cruz (with director Pedro Almodovar), Forest Whitaker, Thandie Newton, Eva Green, and James Mc Avoy. Green told The Guardian that her agent and her parents begged her not to take the role, concerned that the film would cause her career to "have the same destiny as Maria Schneider", Green expressed surprise when a minute was cut from the film for the American market, stating, "[T]here is so much violence, both on the streets and on the screen. Yet I think they are frightened by sex." Her performance in The Dreamers led Ridley Scott to cast Green in Kingdom of Heaven (2005), a film about the Crusades where she played Sibylla of Jerusalem.

In 2014, she played Artemisia in the 300 sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire for which she received excellent reviews.; the origin story of the world's most famous secret agent. While Daniel Craig withstood blistering criticism, Eva Green took her licks too. But if there is one thing I got out of this interview, Eva Green charts her own path. She is the daughter of Marlène Jobert, an actress and singer, and Walter Green, a dentist and occasional actor.Her father is of Breton and Swedish descent; through him, she is the great-granddaughter of composer Paul Le Flem.

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