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But there is nothing better than picking up a phone and talking to a nice lady who is expecting my call! I have been using Latineuro for over 15 years to meet beautiful women all over the world.

The women are real, and if you come off as a real respectful person, you can meet a lot of them.

Must say that Medellin girls are off the charts nice I'm a dominican woman who used this site to find a good man from another country, and i did. Mostly due to the terrorist attack in san Bernardino here in calif.

But when i tried to deleted my profile i couldnt do it. I made myself very clear in that I was looking for someone to create a relationship that would lead to marriage.. You have to be honest in your conversations and hopefully they are too. If you would like to get some tips post a not in Latin euro's Facebook page.

Latineuro is the only site I know of with real women who join with the sole purpose of meeting somebody like me.

Women on Latineuro are more interested in knowing a nice guy than in age, or looks (ok, I'm not that bad) or even money.

Blair Hewitt I am not a Brad Pitt or a Tom Cruise, I'm an ordinary guy in his early 50's and I love meeting attractive, nice, real women.

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Right from the time you call to the time you hang up, they make you feel like the world is at your feet.I tried to contact ' Vania' but no answer. I bough over 0.00 worth of contacts, most from Colombia since i visited there some time ago. What's app is the best way to contact the girls. I have to say there were a few who wanted after talking a couple of time for me to send them $$$. The biggest issue is not posting on the site if they have children. What I found was the age group from say 35-40 they have children and unfortunately out of wed lock. DT Weather you after love or friend do not waste you time with any other, save yourself time, take from me I have seen many other.I registered a year ago and i'm still receiving emails from men. I found early morning around 10am there time on Saturday and Sunday were the best time to call. I being visiting this website for years while I try other, I always go back to the best.Nana Hayford My Name is DAN AND i HAVE USED Latin euro many times in The Last 8 years and Have had great Results, I have Bought names and adresses for women in 4 different countries and met many Beautiful Ladies... It is possible that you did not contact the girls in the right way. If you call during the day time, most of the girls are working and you may get “voice mail” on their cell phones. The staff are very well trained, and are probably some of the best I've ever encountered.I would really recommend this site for any guy sick of American women and there Rotten attitudes, YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID... I am heading To Brazil next week and i just Bought 25 names and contacts from Latin Euro and already have 4 women That want to meet.. As a group, they are friendly, gracious, and helpful.

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    After they were shown the film separately, both became very enthusiastic about participating in the project.

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