Eunhyuk dating hyoyeon

bunch of ELF actually hated the show (there are scenes of Kangin & Eunhyuk dating with random women lmao) so thats why no one is willing to sub.Good for you for understanding korean .(I like eunhyuk too) They might only sub the scenes with lovelyz though. ) in the studio, or they will only be a part of a clip?and eng sub only for lovelyz part is enough ;_; the show targeted for male viewers in korea i hope lovelyz will gain more fanboys : D (and also lovelyz fans please be easy on eunhyuk he might be stupid but he is a very good boy T.T) my thoughts first went to those people that wanted Hyuk to be the one in the sex scandal in Japan and only later backtracked to IU.Just think that every fandom have good and bad apples, some will say good things and some will say bad things. Just think that every fandom have good and bad apples, some will say good things and some will say bad things. yeah he personaly tucked the whole group to bed and practising dance choreo together i can see the filming staff goes all the way to fulfil Eunhyuk's dream using a rising girl group, for the previous members they actually hire nugu actress well but Eunhyuk is the representative of a shy and cute kind of lover in the panel team so i think everything will stay below PG-13 I'm not sure it's his place nor his dorms. I'm so happy Lovelyz are getting more and more variety opportunities.

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idk if there is even someone who will, probably Lovelyz fandom?I had forgotten him and IU is related to the patient outfit and all..therefore the sick ) me excuse And it didn´t even started with a good impression because they kinda mentioned Hyuk's scandal on 1st episode (and that happen inside the show and not outside of him) and we all saw Hyuk's face when that man mention that, so I think that ELF were still angry and unwilling to see.ahh i think for the panel it would be Nine Muses next week..Nama Yoona, Taeyeon, Jessica dan Tiffany paling sering disebut oleh para Idol male bila ditanya siapa cewek ideal mereka.Bahkan Yoona punya banyak sekali admirer dari Lee seung Gi, Brian Jo, Jo Kwon, dan tiga member Beast Dongwoon, Junhyung dan Hyunseung.

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