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Along with the inevitable seasonal bonding between characters who are, at this point, barely more than colleagues, we meet (through a glass barrier) Angela’s blues-guitarist father (ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons) and Booth’s young son, Parker (Ty Panitz).The first is the coolest addition to the Bonesiverse (seriously, this guy becomes an enigma bordering on mythological trickster).It’s directed by Boreanaz, and his episodes consistently push at and play with the boundaries of the couple’s relationship.This one shifts between the novelty of the “before they were a team” prequel and the unspoken emotions of the present. “The Doctor in the Photo” (Season 6, episode 9)Brennan investigates the death of an overachieving surgeon and can’t help but see herself in the victim, a professional so focused on her work and her career that she made no meaningful relationships.“Mayhem on a Cross” (Season 4, episode 20)A skeleton stage prop used by a Norwegian Black Metal band sends the team into the underground Death Metal scene, something Sweets knows from his own rebellious years.(He even has own goth makeup.) The scars of Sweets’s years in foster care, something he’s kept hidden, become an unexpected avenue of connection to Brennan, ever the psychology skeptic, and to Booth, who has kept a lid on his rough childhood.

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“The Hole in the Heart” / “The Change in the Game” (Season 6, episodes 22 and 23)Booth takes on assassin Jacob Broadsky (Arnold Vosloo), who was once a fellow sniper in the Army Rangers and is now a hit man who only targets those he deems guilty.It features Enrico Colantoni (one of the show’s most memorable guest stars) as Micah, a chatty night watchman at the Jeffersonian who could be her guardian angel, late-night therapist, and imaginary friend rolled into one gentle Zen everyman.It also lets us in on a rare moment of naked emotion from Brennan, who is guarded but not unemotional.This is the defining turning point in their love story and the show delivers with remarkable understatement.“The Prisoner in the Pipe” (Season 7, episode 7)Nothing in their relationship is ever conventional, so why should the birth of Brennan and Booth’s child be any different?

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