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The gloves not fitting apart from being gross was actually an advantage because it allowed me to feel my way around the heart a lot easier than it would have been with gloves on, but there was one more draw back to this.

In order to actually see that I was in fact cutting the heart with the scalpel and not myself I had to get my face rather close to the heart, too close.

So anyway I thought I would share some nitty gritty disability stuff with you and hopefully make you cringe.Now to something witch animal lovers will be particularly disturbed by I’m a biology student and one of my favourite practical's of last year was the dissection of a sheep’s heart, but I had two problems with this practical witch are both pretty funny looking back.The first one is in no way linked to my disability but the gloves did not fit my hands, in fact they where so very small my hands couldn’t even begin to fit in them, this meant I actually had to touch the piece of dead sheep.If I haven’t already done that then the following might just help.In order to cut my toenails without losing digits or even possibly limbs I have to be a complete contortionist and bring my foot up to my face, and then still hope for the best.

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