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To view these resources, please go to our Universal Database access portal.Cambridge Archive Editions Online - The Slavic, Balkan & Caucasus Collection These are unique historical reference materials on political, territorial, and ethnic issues from the 18th - 20th centuries.Includes the two disputed breakaway republics of Georgia. Universal Database of East View Press Publications Covering eight English language journals published and/or available exclusively through East View Press.The database focuses on the geographic region of China, Russia and the former Soviet Union.Add the dramatic decline of both countries’ population due to lower birth rates, low life expectancies, unhealthy lifestyles and emigration, and the sum of these factors are important in determining population in today’s Russia and Ukraine.

East View e-books are accessible via East View’s familiar and easy-to-use UDB platform, allowing users to search within individual works, whole collections, and cross-search between collections. The full-image enhancement delivers the day-to-day events as originally produced from Russia’s top newspapers.

Russian Islamic Studies This database of full-image pdf files, with searchable text, is a collection of journals and newspapers published in Moscow, Nizhnii Novgorod and Makhachkala.

This unique collection covers activities of Islamic organizations in Russia and abroad, political and economic developments in the Muslim regions of Russia, the state of Islamic education in Russia, and more.

The full-text articles are in Russian, with abstracts in English, from 2013 to present.

Russian Military and Security Periodicals (UDB-MIL) Database of over 40 Russian military publications.

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