Dreamweaver library items not updating

Else, we pass to each component a part of our data object, and a different title.Let’s move on to the large chart component: import React, from 'react'; import moment from 'moment'; import from 'react-vis'; const HOUR_IN_MS = 60 * 60 * 1000; const DAY_IN_MS = 24 * HOUR_IN_MS; const Flexible XYPlot = make Width Flexible(XYPlot); so far, we’re importing a bunch of stuff.Let’s move to the file, which is the top-level react file.import React, from 'react'; import './App.css'; import '../node_modules/react-vis/main.css'; import from 'd3-request'; import * as CONSTANTS from './constants'; import secrets from './secrets.json'; const = secrets; Things get interesting with the component Will Mount method.We’d like our labels to be exactly aligned with the start of a day (midnight).So we are going to figure out what time it is on the first element of the time series, compute when exactly is the next day, and then create an array of 5 values corresponding to the time we just computed, then the time 24 hours after (start of the next day), the time 24 hours after that, etc. The styling is a bit different (these charts are, well, smaller).So, at a given moment, highlighted is either null, or of the form: . There’s an interesting construct between curly braces. If highlighted exists, then we will create a Line Series, else nothing.Remember that in JSX, whatever is between curly braces will be evaluated. What this means is that if there’s a value for highlighted, we are going to draw a vertical line that spans the whole chart, at the level of the mouseover.

Flexible XYPlot is a special react-vis component that can resize (in width).We then have a similar construction for a Mark Series, which, likewise, draws a circle at the same position as the highlighted data point. The XAxis has a few interesting properties: tick Values, which we defined above – all the possible x values, label Values and label Format.label Values determine the last part of this module creates those label values.What it does is that when somebody mouseovers the chart, it sends the underlying datapoint to the state of App.Remember that these datapoints are objects with three property: x, i and y.

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