Dp dating pro 2016

So you can update the lens firmware so that a generation change won't limit the functionality of your lens.

I really do think its a pretty sweet solution to consumer concerns with third party lenses.

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The 'SP' in the model names stands for 'Super Performance' - a designation that Tamron reserves for its high-end optics.

While there may or may not be some firmware inconsistencies for third party manufacturers, the firmware is easily updated either at home or at the service center with minimal turn times.

What "obsoletes" a lens is, more commonly, resolution of the sensor or the mechanisms used to focus.

Then again, I've been having trouble picking up sarcasm on the internet lately, so maybe you're [email protected] Tarzan, what comparisson charts is your opinion based on?

The EF 85/1.8 is tack sharp at 1.8 today and to answer your question as to what would obsolete the tamron lens would likely be the ef 85/1.8 mk2.

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