Dating zippo lighter 1937 1950

We claim: A pocket lighter comprising a hollow member having a closed bottom and an open top, a second hollow member telescoped therein, and having an open bottom, a plate permanently closing the top of the inner member whereby areservoir for inflammable fuel is formed, the side walls of the inner member projecting above said plate and being formed to provide a wind screen and front and rear pairs of lugs, a cover disposed over the tops of said telescoping members and hinged at its rear wall to the outer of said members, a cross member secured in the cover transversely thereof adjacent said rear wall, a .lever pivotally mounted at one end between said rear pair of lugs with its opposite end projecting up between said rear wall and cross member and engaging the latter, a spring biased plunger slidably disposed in said top plate for biasing the lever against the cross member, whereby movement of the cover from its closed position is restrained, and a flint-engaging toothed wheel pivotally mounted between said front pair of lugs, the lighter being free of external latch-manipulating means. With this table you can easily date your Zippo - from 1986 you can find the month also.The toothed wheel is adapted to throw sparks, when rotated by the thumb, from the flint to a wick l6 surrounded by the wind screen and projecting into the fuel reservoir through a hole in top plate 3.In order to protect the projections at the top of the casing, as well as the clothing, the casing is provided with a cover l8 which is connected at its rear wall to the rear wall of outer telescoping member 2 by means of a small hinge l9. 5 of the drawing, there are no projections from the lighter other than this hinge when the cover is closed.

The preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, of which Figs. Pofzket lighters having covers hinged on their upper endsmust have means for holding them closed it they are to be satisfactory, and it is also desirable that they have means for preventing the covers from closing prematurely and extinguishing the flame after they are opened. (crew-7.1) This invention relates to pocket lighters of the hinged cover type. Furthermore, the exposed latches are apt to catch in and wear the clothing, to be accidentally actuated in the pocket, and to accumulate dirt. In lighters known heretofore these means take the form of exposed latches and interior springs and levers which take up space in the lighters and reduce their storage capacity for inflammable lighter fluid.

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