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(I could go on and on.) An apology is no guarantee that you’ll find yourself out of hot water.

(For example, “I’m so sorry that I didn’t appreciate all the effort you went to.

Specifically, focus on how they have been affected by your mistake, on how they are feeling, and on what they need from you in order to move forward.

You need to take all ambiguity out of the situation, lest their lenses wreak havoc.

Your perceivers are experiencing a threat, so they need affirmation.

By recognizing what they are feeling and encouraging them to talk about what is important to them, you will be taking important steps in healing the damage you’ve done.

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    The survey findings stand in stark contrast to one other set of statistics: In 2012, 94% of abuse victims who contacted the National Dating Abuse Helpline were female and just 6% were male, says Katie Ray Jones, president of the dating abuse helpline and the National Domestic Abuse Hotline.

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    Immediately after it says that Fred and Grace disembarked the dropship implying that Fred was still in the dropship and it is presumed that it was meant to say Will and Linda.

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