Dating vo hammon postcards

Brownes Bookstore (1907 - S.141), Thurber Art Galleries (1909 - S.154) and Mori Oriental Art Studio (1914 - S.

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For Teich postcards printed after 1964 or postcards printed by other companies, contact the Digital Initiatives and Services, Newberry Library, 60 W.

(Plate X, Ausgefhrte Bauten.) It eventually became part of the Taliesin Fellowship complex.

Wright designed Hillside Home School II in 1902, which was completed in 1903. Shows facility including the Wright Larkin Building. Letterhead 1917, Negative and 1910 Post card but in color.

Government allowed the use of the words "Post Card" or "Postcard" to be printed on the undivided back of privately printed cards. Keats was born on October 31, 1795 and died on February 23, 1821 in Rome and was buried in the Protestant Cemetery, Rome.

See our Wright Study of Browne's Bookstore Grave of John Keats, Circa 1905. Hand written or printed in a dark gray ink, "Keats." Verso: "Post Card. Place One-Cent Stamp Here (within a box, dotted lines)." Undivided back.

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