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The physical mechanism transition between laptop to tablet to presentation panel is strong and smooth, they nailed that one, which was a must and a problem for most hybrids in the past. which has been a painful oversight on many Sony keyboards). Probably my biggest complaint is the still modest selection of Windows apps, but this is a Microsoft complaint / eco-system and not Vaio.The lack of good apps limits the time in tablet mode and I know that I will still need to use my Android tablet.

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-- I've been using Vaio computers for over 12 years and typically upgrade on a 3 year cycle.

Following him being happy, I bought my Sony Vaio Z in 2012 (now he's using it). Naturally, I would replace my Sony Vaio Z with another Vaio (I was also using a Surface Pro 3 for notes and drawings).

Being from Europe, I had to go through all sorts of arrangements so I can buy my Vaio Z flip 16 GB / 512 GB SSD at one of my trips to the USA.

Vaio relaunched it as Z flip in 2016 making it smaller and faster but it is really unfortunate that it does not have a clip for the stylus, especially since the Z Canvas has it.

What's worse is that a clip or snap on isn't even sold in VAIO store.

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