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When I am not in a social environment, I rarely need it or crave it like an extrovert does.Instead, I have more of a balanced life with my work (The Modern Man), my girlfriend, my friends, family, exercise, time to relax and think and other important parts of my life.They would rather be able to simply meet a nice girl and have a relationship, without having to go out nightclubbing every weekend or having a huge group of friends that they see every week.A lot of introverted guys are often deep thinkers and prefer to think about life and focus on other things, rather than just socializing and hanging out with people for no reason.If you’re an introverted guy, you do not have to change your core personality and become a full on extrovert to be successful with women, but you do need to become more confident, more masculine and improve your social skills and social intelligence. Doing so makes you a very attractive option to women, so when you do have a chance encounter with a woman (i.e.assuming that you’re an introvert who rarely goes out socializing and only meets women by chance), at least you will be ready to seize the moment and go from a conversation to a phone number and then set up a date, or from a conversation to a kiss and then sex that day/night.

I didn’t have to become an extrovert who needed to be around people all the time, but I did have to become more confident, masculine and socially intelligent so that when I did meet women, they liked me and wanted to have sex and a relationship with me.I wasn’t thinking, because when I did go out to social environments, I wouldn’t that feel that good about myself.I would be doubting myself around the “cool crowd,” worrying about what everyone else was thinking, wondering if I was fitting in and doubting that girls would me.However, these guys (maybe you), still want to be successful with women.You still want to be able to get laid, get a girlfriend and enjoy yourself.

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