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They will be printed off and distributed by the Cathedral authorities at no cost to the Society.

A copy of the information sheet provided by the Society can be viewed here.

The festival begins with a concert at St Mary’s and St Akelda’s church on Friday evening and continues over the weekend during Saturday and Sunday 1/2 of July.

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It is also understood that Philippa Langley will be opening the Belmont Hotel’s new Richard III bedroom at lunchtime on Friday March 24th.

During April, we will feature any pictures that are taken during memorial events or services which take place on the anniversary of the reburial in March 2017.

After that, the plan is to change the main images on regular basis.

The finding and reburial of the remains of the king will always be one of the major achievements of the Richard III Society and it is fitting that we remember it, especially in the place where he lies at peace, a place of honour, a place of sanctity, adorned with the banners and heraldry he would have recognised as his own.

As we remember the reburial, let us remember Richard III, King of England and France and Lord of Ireland, as a man of integrity, as a law giver, as a man who cared for his subjects and those who had his trust.

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