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Bonaire International Airport's flight data is dependent upon third-party sources and the possibility exists that the status of flights might not be updated in a timely manner.

BIA always recommends contacting your airline to check on the latest status of your arriving or departing flight.

With a trumpetfish as your guide to Bonaire’s reefs, you’ll learn the many strategies creatures use to survive in that vibrant world.

Once it has taught you to look for camouflage, mimicry and ambush, you’ll begin to pick out the other exotics that famously flood Bonaire’s warm seas: the frogfish, scorpionfish, floun­der, octopi and seahorses. Its lush reefs, lying within easy swims from the lee coast, make it the world’s top shore-diving destination.

The final development plan in 1995 was also unsuccessful and led to finally preserving it.

Concerned locals rallied to save Klein Bonaire and raise funds to do so and The Foundation for the Preservation of Klein Bonaire (FPKB) was born.

Our beachfront villa on Bonaire offers both in a unique home felt setting. For those who seek total privacy or simply for those who prefer to take life at their own pace, this private house is a perfect spot.

As you stare at a soft coral’s long, vertical lines, you notice that one of the branches sways just a bit slower than the rest.Bonaire Marine Park encircles the island to a depth of 200 feet, with a dazzling array of sites accessible to snorkelers – some right off the beach.As guides go, you can’t do much better than a trumpetfish.What’s sometimes overlooked about this scuba-crazy island is that, from the moment you step into the water all the way to when you reach the far end of that reef crest – the most life-packed environ­ment on earth – you’re in some of the world’s best snorkeling territory. Set on Bonaire's most exclusive beach, you will find the iconic Harbour Village, an oasis above and below the sea.

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