Dating sims pathesis

As a gift, I'm releasing some info on Chrono Days Sim Date, a new sim date I'm currently working on. But the thing is, it probably won't come out until early or mid 2011.

Some weeks I don't even make progress because I'm too busy with work and school.

It's just something that I'm working little by little on in my free time.

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Soon, they make a bet that if she can find out who he is, he'll give her the item back.He offers for you to stay at his shop for the time being and you agree. Her outfits change depending on which era she's in. His real name is Theodore, but he absolutely hates his real name with all of his heart... His hair is blond at the beginning of the game, but he dyes it later. Despite his somewhat intimidating appearance, Landon is actually really shy. He's my first handicap character for he was born without hands. He's the angry, angst character if you couldn't tell. Nathan's going to be my first character with glasses that for once isn't shy and bashful. Later, after like 5 days, Teddy uses a new time jumper and comes for you. (THIS IS NOT EDWARD ELRIC FFFF-) To unlock him, you actually have to do something in the past that will change the present. You take his offer, but when you put the time jumper on, it goes out of control. So just don't unlock her if you're scared of girl love. It brings you 100 years back, but you can't get it to bring you back to the present. You tell him that you're from the future, but you can't return to it because of your broken time jumper. And again, she's like a friend that you can go on dates with.

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