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The publication claims that there was no foul play involved with George's passing, but coroners are currently investigating.

The song lyrics state: 'My father left me when I was 7, at a home / Left me but took his chrome, I looked up and blood was gone / Man, f**k it, guess in the world I'm all alone/ My mother was too naive so when he left she followed along'Since then, The Game and his father have made up and seemed to be in a better place last May.

It’s been a long run, and we’ve been together at least seven years.

We’ve been off, we’ve been on, we’ve been arguing, we fought.

Each one will select a young woman to accompany the platinum-selling artist on his national tour this summer.

It’s the second project on which VH1 has partnered with Jayceon aylor — the first being Marrying The Game, a reality series that followed the star’s relationship with now ex-fiancé Tiffney Cambridge, which wrapped its third season July 2014.

It was anything but love at first sight when Tiffney Cambridge first met Jayceon Taylor.

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He has three children and he can’t just bring anyone around his children. She did run him away and I do believe he is into older women, but they have to be chill and they need to understand, his job is an entertainer, meaning he will be gone a lot and they will have to trust him when he is touring and no nagging.Life is complicated enough for Tiffney as she juggles to balance her career, family, friends, and most of all, being in love with two men: Jayceon Taylor, and the rapper "The Game".Famous rapper The Game - real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor - lost his father on Wednesday.For VH1, the series is executive produced by Levison, Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly, Fernando Mills and Tricia Biggio.You know you’ve missed The Game on your TV screen, and VH1 has some amazing news on that front.

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