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The earliest representation of one was discovered by me in the excavations at Tissa, engraved on a fragment of pottery which probably dated from pre-Christian times.The illustration (fig 161) shows that if had a long handle with a substantial – cross-hilt no other guard ; and a broad and slightly curved blade wider at a short distance from the end than near the hilt. Others illustrated on a very small scale in reliefs on a pillar at the Jetavana Dagaba at Anuradhapura (Fig.165) .’Showers of arrows’ are mentioned; and stones without number hurled from engines flew about on every side (p. In one fight ‘burning javelins bound with chains’ are referred to.In the account of the Sinhalese invasion of Southern India during this king’s reign only swords and arrows are mentioned. D., it is stated that poisoned arrows were used by the invaders; they were ‘shot quickly from engines’ (p. But the Sinhalese, who were skilful marksmen, broke them in pieces with their sharp broad arrows’- like Rama in his wonderful battles with the Rakshasas.From the occasional references in the histories, to the weapons of the ancient Sinhalese, it can be gathered that the Sword and the Bow were the ordinary arms of the people, and were often carried by the chiefs and sovereigns, at any rate when they were engaged on warlike expeditions. In Duttha-Gamini’s battle with Elara the Tamil king, the Chiefs on both sides, who fought on foot, had swords and shields, while the two kings, who were on elephants, were armed with javelins( Mah, I, p. In his battle with Elalra’s nephew Bhalluka, the same king, who was on an elephant, is described as guarding his mouth with the handle of his sword when Bhalluka threw a javelin at him.When the Javelin or short throwing-Spear is added the list of primitive weapons mentioned separately by these authorities is nearly exhausted. One of Duttha-Gamini’s chiefs, who was seated behind the king on the elephant, also carried a javelin, but later on it is termed an arrow (Mah., I, p. The chief was Pussadeva, this arrow which killed Bhalluka awho commanded the army was covered with Kahapanas [Mahavansa- According to Arthasastra- he who kills a General is rewarded with 50,000 Kahapanas.] King Watta-Gemini is stated to have been armed with a bow while awaiting an opportunity to regain the throne, at the beginning of the first century BC.C., and we are told that this king carried a bow when hunting Sambar deer (Mah., I, p. In the second century BC., Phussadeva, one of the champions or generals of Duttha-Gamini, is described as being an extraordinarily expert archer, who shot , by a flash of lightning, or through a horse-hair, or a cart filled with sand, as well as through hides a hundred-fold thick ; through an Asoka plank eight inches, an Udumbara plank sixteen inches thick, as well as a plate of iron, too, and a plate of brass four inches thick , on land his arrow would fly the distance of eight usabhas and through water one usabha, (Mah. When the house occupied by the Prince was surrounded by the enemy at night, he is said to have wrapped himself in his blanket, and to have fought with his sword (Mah., II, p. Also when he escaped from Polonaruwa at night he carried a shield and a sword with which he killed a bear that attacked him in the path (Mah., II, 143).

It runs:- ‘(A)ba dagaya ran(e) bidi Karatiradataha tube‘ The Abhaya relic-house having been broken during war was (re-)established bv Karatiradatta.Another is by ‘Meka—Aba’, in letters resembling those used by Jettha-Tissa, son-of Maha-Sen ; it may thus belong to Megha- vanna-Abhaya II (304-322AD).It is clear that extensive improvements were carried out at that time; the inscription ends ‘ Laka kahavana di (Aba) maha patima karawaya savasa tanata lit(i)‘ Having given 100,000 Kahapanas he caused the great statue (of Buddha) at Abaya cave to be made. As the porch which the panels were carved is an evident addition to the original cave temple at which it was erected (the Waraka, not of the Abaya cave); the work at it may belong to the same period as this inscription.A straight sword without across Hilt or guard is represented in the Dambulla Cave temple ; the painting was executed in the middle of the seventeenth century and is supposed by the monks in charge of the temple to reproduce the former work done in the time of Nissanka-Malla (1198-1297 AD).Below an inscription of the ninth or tenth century, cut on the face of a pillar at Wilgama wihara near Bibile in the Uva province, a sword of a somewhat different type is carved it ( Fig 162); it has a cross-hilt which ends in a curl on one side, and is a very long narrow straight weapon, twice as wide towards the point as it is near the hilt.

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