Dating road trips

Cincinnati (Great American Ball Park) to Chicago (Wrigley Field) to St.Louis (Busch Stadium) For those in the Mid West then this 3 stop road trip with friends is amazing.A place where you know you can relax and enjoy after a long and wonderful couples road trip. Just imagine you’re strolling in a mall and travel the same way, like you have nothing better to do, or any better place to go.Space yourself well and do some research to get to know a few places you can pull over for the night, if your journey is going to take a few days. You like a sight, then pull over and take a few pictures. Hotel reservations It’s a good idea to book hotel accommodations well in advance.But at the same time, a few considerations will always make the journey much more pleasant and romantic for you.Stocking Up Well, this is a pretty important thing to do when you’re on a couples road trip, and you have to make sure you do all of it.Have we missed anything off the list that you think should be included.Read our style guide before you go with your friends.

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Remember that when driving and reversing then using a rear view camera is essential, especially in built up areas.We look at some of the best road trips for guys: Whether you are on the East coast, West Coast or in the Midwest we have included 3 different ball park road trips in the USA to cover all areas.Baltimore (Camden Yards) to New York (Yankee Stadium) to Boston (Fenway Park)If you are on the east coast then start off in Baltimore and drive north to New York where you will visit the world famous New York Yankee Stadium and then on to bitter rivals the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.Stock up on blankets, food and water for the journey.Make sure you have the spare tyre and other necessary mechanical requirements like a few spare bulbs, fuses, and a tube. Top your list with a good collection of your favorite tunes, and yeah, don’t forget to carry cash in hand.

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