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Maybe they’re Shiite as opposed to Sunni Muslim, or Catholic as opposed to Protestant. What would be the issues that arise from such a decision?

The dilemma here is: I don’t share the same faith with this person, but I really connect with them. The following are things that both people should think about when contemplating going forward in a relationship: How much does their/your religion matter to you? Does your religion strictly forbid the kind of relationship you are thinking about pursuing?

When Israel ignored God's warning about assimilating Gentile ways, a yoke of bondage was the consequence.

Compromise axiomatically leads to snare and abject bondage.

You’ve finally found that special someone—they seem pleasant, caring and you have a lot to talk about.

Family: Would your family care if you married or dated someone of another faith?This is extremely important in Arab culture, because not only are you marrying the person, but the family as well.So much of the rest of your life depends on how they will react, because family is so integral in Arab culture.Making yourself happy doesn’t mean sacrificing all of your feelings and emotions for anyone or anything else.It is up to you to find what matters most to you, and since every relationship is different and unique, no cookie-cutter advice will stand for the same two couples.

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