Dating opposing political views

But the chances of you dating someone like this are slim.

In reality, you’ll probably see someone who has hopes, fears, dreams, and anxieties you can sympathize with — even if they vote for someone else come election day.

Or maybe you believe they’ll understand your opinions after you’re married. But banking on this change is where you’re bound to go wrong.

If you see your partner being in your life for the long haul, Karl Pillemer, Ph.

We know how it is — when you’re left-leaning and your partner veers to the right side of politics, it can feel like you’re hitting a brick wall during conversation. This is someone you’re dating, not an opponent in a debate. D., tells Psych Central, “Debaters listen to prove that they’re right and the other is wrong.

Couples don’t.” The first step to being a better listener?

In fact, a lot of very compatible people with opposite political views can have successful marriages.

You might think you can persuade your partner to lean a little more toward your views the longer you date.

Or, you can even choose to avoid political discussions altogether.

This also means you won’t be watching coverage of speeches or debates in the same room, as this could be fodder for an argument later on.

Pop Sugar reminds us, “Couples who share similar religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, passions, or life experiences can put those above their political ideologies.” Politics might be important to you, but they aren’t everything.

And don’t be afraid to laugh it off if the conversation starts to turn sour — it’s the best medicine, after all.

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