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The original route crossed the river 3 miles downstream from Beaver at the site that later was developed as Greenville.This route became known during the California Gold Rush as the Southern Route of the California Trail.In 1873 the US Army established Fort Cameron two miles from Beaver because of Indian raids on the area Mormon settlements.To serve this isolated area, the territorial government placed the Second Judicial Court of the Utah Territory in Beaver from 1870 until 1896, when Utah became a state.

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A number of identified prehistoric sites have been found in Beaver County, dating to the Archaic and Sevier Fremont periods.

The 1776 Dominguez–Escalante Expedition is the first known European exploration in this area.

In 1847-1848, Mormons from the United States developed a trade route through the Beaver River valley between their new settlements at Salt Lake City in the Utah Territory and Los Angeles, which was still part of Alta California, Mexico.

An important Beaver landmark is the hillside letter B, which is visible from the freeway ( Beaver has a typical Intermountain Region cool semi-arid climate (Köppen BSk), bordering on a humid continental climate (Dfb), with summers characterised by hot days and chilly nights, and cold winters with moderate snowfall.

During the summer, days are hot and usually dry, though on occasions, as in July 1936 – the wettest month on record with 5.76 inches or 146.3 millimetres – monsoonal weather can bring heavy thunderstorms from the Gulf of California.

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