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Early KW transformers from 1950-56 had a top voltage of 20 volts.

In 1957, Lionel released a revised version that topped out at 19 volts and provided a 19-volt output from posts D-U.

Also, although a lot of people forget to mention this, it’s important to unplug or otherwise disconnect the power when you’re not using it.

I have my transformers plugged into a power strip with an on/off switch so I can switch them all on and off at once.

The KW’s relatively low cost makes it a popular accessory transformer, but you should consider one thing before you power accessories with a KW’s throttles.

It replaced Lionel’s 150-watt ZW lookalike, the VW.

Do you guys have suggestions on the wiring scheme that would be good to use for this?

I have not used the variable inputs on my DCS to date.

Many experts believe this change was to prevent problems with Lionel’s O22 switches, which work well at 19 volts but burn out at 20.

There is little to no difference in value between the two versions.

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