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I believe that we all use influence every day, to get peers, family, children, and partners to see our perspective.

Essentially, tactics of influence can be used to create a mutually-beneficial exchange. In contrast, I believe such tactics turn into manipulation when they are used to take advantage of another person.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Thank you all for the great feedback on the last article in this series. I will address the question of taking becoming manipulative in this article.

Given the support, I have decided to continue writing about "Defense Against Manipulative Dating Games". I will save the questions about manipulative giving for the next post.

This doesn't mean that others have a right to manipulate you back (two wrongs don't make a right).

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A lobster dinner, or cleaning their house, isn't going to make a difference.Giving doesn't lead them to love (see my article here). A good rule to follow is not to give so much that you will resent it if it isn't returned.If you give to a point where you feel your partner "owes" you, then you have over-extended yourself. If they do not, you might want to make a gentle, general request from them and see how they respond.If they are not appreciative and giving in return though, then you might want to reconsider giving more.Better to cut your losses early than have your kindness further manipulated.

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