Dating in graduate school

Her boyfriend, another grad student attending a different school. You either choose to make "career" a priority or you don't. I don't know how many other men would agree but some general advice to single male graduate students, be very very careful if you're trying to date another graduate student within your department.That's thin ice your walking on, departments are meant to be a community of people to some extent.With relationship potential that high, why limit yourself and stifle your growth (both personally and academically)?

I have not been in this situation myself though (my partner is not an academic).

Can anyone speak on long-distance relationships where both parties are enrolled in grad school?

I hear of a lot of people moving away for jobs, or (especially) Ph D programs, leaving the other person usually in a job.

For example, some people choose not to start relationships because they are close to graduation and will be leaving soon.

Or, some people find it harder to meet people with similar interests because if you don't make an effort, grad school can be really insular and you only ever see people in your department.

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