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"So I walked upstairs and I was like Megan and she was like 'Yeah, she bounced out of her door,' and I said 'I'm seeing a message between you and him here happening,' and her face just, she was had. "She made the comment that she couldn't stand me, she just wanted to get out of this house, and his response was 'I just want to come get you right now,'" said Kathy Jo. Megan had never left without telling me." Megan's gone, but not her phone, and there's a recent text from a female friend, which reads simply "OK." "I called that phone number back and the boy answered," said Kathy Jo. "And while I was on the phone with the police Megan came walking from our backyard," said Kathy Jo.

It was enough for Megan's mom to put a stop to what she calls a forbidden teen romance. "On Memorial Day 2014, we all went to bed," said Kathy Jo. But whatever happened between Megan and that boy that night or the next few months leading up to her disappearance, no one can say for sure.

"It showed her riding her bike up to the bank, withdrawing money.

That was right before she vanished." Megan's family offers up evidence of the phone and note to police.

"Fairly soon before her disappearance, Megan was seeing a young man," said Megan's mother Kathy Jo Hutchcraft.

But according to friends and family, he was in another relationships with a different girl at the same time.

"We went back upstairs and I pulled her blanket back and that's when I found her phone, and when I picked it up my heart sank," said Kathy Jo. That's the same time Megan went on a bike ride earlier in the day before she went home not feeling well.

"The last images of Megan were from this ATM surveillance video," said Kathy Jo.

Megan's mother never considered her ex-husband a viable suspect because she has her own suspicions about what happened to her daughter.We didn't end up finding him, but apparently he had plenty to say on his Facebeook page.He wrote, in part: "Okay, this has gone on long enough...And what does this boy have to say about all of this?Crime Watch Daily went looking for him to get his side of the story.

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