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As a result, a Kent Ale can may have been filled a couple of years after the can was manufactured. It was not a big seller so they apparently only canned it irregularly. Accordingly, the deck was made in the 16th week of 2013 and under the old code, 2013 would have been indicated by the letter S. For example, the ace on the left, below, has the code 1613-S6560.

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Discovered by collector Bob Porter, this dating code has been exceptionally useful in deciphering the history of certain beer can labels and brands. Civilian beer cans did not return until early 1947, so from mid-1942 until late-1946 you should only find these symbols on cans meant for military use. The following chart shows the canning code symbols with the year each was used. It is just to the left of the word "TRADE." This example reads "17 A \". (Answer at the bottom of the page) The code often follows a particular pattern. However, for most cans the date symbol will correspond fairly closely to when the can was actually filled and sold.The code is helpful in dating decks after 1904, the year it started, according to the Hochman Encyclopedia. But, I have found evidence that the dating code was actually in use prior to 1904 which is why I have amended the chart to include 1900-1903 (highlighted in yellow, below).

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