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Also women are obtaining increasingly larger representation in the political leadership of the country.

The most noticeable example is that of Angela Merkel who is on her second term as the Chancellor of Germany.

However if you go weak in your knees over the likes of Claudia Schiffer, you will know that not all popular perceptions are based in reality.

Here are a few pointers on what German women are really like and what they expect in their men.

They are not used to being pampered by men and can look after themselves pretty well.

Thus you need to show a good deal of respect when interacting with women in Germany.

Unlike Mediterranean societies, women in Germany are not overly dependent or involved with their parents or families and prefer to lead an independent social life.

They expect to be treated as equals Despite being one of the most economically developed countries in the world, Germany has traditionally upheld separate roles for men and women.

So if you are trying to show interest in German women, it is better to use the subtle approach since German girls are rather wary of aggressive flirting.

So German women expect to be accorded equal treatment both in the workplace and domestic sphere.

They are as hard-working and intelligent as men and thus strongly believe that they deserve to be treated with the same respect as their male counterparts.

The German people are known all over the world for order, professionalism and strive for perfection.

The stereotype of German women often presents them as unnaturally strict or even masculine.

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