Dating fear

Your mind can go into overdrive thinking of situations where being alone has an impact.

This can result in a woman settling for a partner rather than being true to herself and waiting to see what the future holds.

Women fear being romanced by someone dishonest, or even dangerous and believe good initial impressions are just a cover for a man’s true colours.

Most people are on their best behaviour at the start of a relationship, which is why many women wonder how long the good behaviour will last and fear further down the line they will notice a change in personality.

Commitment itself is a fear many men have (please see our article What do men fear most about dating.) Women like to know they’re not wasting time by endless dating and need the reassurance that they will have security further down the line.

Having emotional support in a relationship is a must for women, but finding a balance between being too needy emotionally and being able to deal with everyday situations is a worry.

Appearance is the first thing a date or potential date will see; therefore the fear of being rejected due to looks is understandable.

Every woman wants to feel good and wants to look their best to impress their date.Assuming every future date will act the same way as previous partners could put an end to a potentially great relationship before it’s had a chance to thrive.Many women enter a new relationship waiting for their partner to be just like their ex.These four are not all of the reasons why someone could develop such a fear but they tend to be some of the most common.Many people who have a fear of dating display it in different ways and this is just how the ego protects itself.

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