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Most data mining methods are supervised methods, however, meaning that (1) there is a particular prespecified target variable, and (2) the algorithm is given many examples where the value of the target variable is provided, so that the algorithmmay learn which values of the target variable are associated with which values of thepredictor variables.Distance from Manila International Airport: 14.1km A substantial open green area that showcases Manila at play, 58-hectare (143 acres) Rizal Park is one of the largest parks in South East Asia.For what it's worth, according to Femail, Tony himself said of Nicky's story: 'It's not true as far as I'm concerned --and I should know.' Going by the trailer, it appears the new season will also show the Queen's iconic 1961 visit to Ghana, which four years earlier had become independent from Britain.

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What happens to the cleaner or the lady who works in a clothes shop?Taft Avenue to Manila Bay Distance from Manila International Airport: 13.3km Once the Department of Finance Building of the American colonial administration, this museum is now the crowning glory of the National Museum system.Its exhaustive assemblage of treasures commences with the skull of the oldest known native Filipina, Tabon Man, a female skeleton dating back to 24,000BC, and includes many other pre-colonial archaeological and ethnological relics.It is also known as Luneta, after the area it replaced.Its local significance can be gauged by the fact that it is named after Dr José Rizal, the great Philippine anti-colonial fighter and thinker.

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