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But definite peculiarities and stereotypes of making acquaintances still exist.

What is the secret of a seduction of Russian women-brides?

There were no great success stories and her premise seems to be that our overly busy lives are keeping us from finding lasting relationships and that, while some modern techniques may work out, we're so into an ADD like culture that we miss out on potential mates unless there's an immediate connection.

And, it's a mythical immediate connection since the modern techniques aren't conducive to giving enough valid information to make a "real" connection.

I was kind of depressed when I finished the book, but not surprised.

After trying eharmony myself and comparing stories with folks who have tried online dating and speed dating services, I'm convinced they don't work for the vast majority of people who try them.

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It sounds like something I could have penned, if I weren't huddled back behind the front for emotional safety.And all the while, she captures how - though the landscape of love is forever changing - the human heart remains a wildly mysterious thing."--Jacket.A report from the front lines of the dating world-Stacy Kravetz goes undercover in search of the soul of love. Choose expedited shipping (if available) for much faster delivery. Our site has tens of thousands of personal profiles and pictures of eligible singles.

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