Dating crown staffordshire

Simply compare the style of the Derby mark and date the year cypher used to come as close as possible to the date of manufacture.

After dating you will want to then attribute the piece to an individual artist, if possible, and then assess how rare or sought after it may be based on it’s age and the popularity of the artist.

One other thing I noticed was near the marking on more of them than not, there is a mark of the gold, some have just a little "smudge", others have 2 little lines, some have 3 little lines in gold?? I have pics of the mark on the bottom and the pattern if anyone is willing to help me.

Does not include prop stand or soda pictured for display.

The c1782 to 1825 marks of the Nottingham Rd factory can be quite untidy in appearance.

They were handrawn in blue or puce until 1806 and in red after this Some particularly fine painters worked at the King Street factory including Fredrick Chivers, Sampson Hancock, W Hargreaves and George Jessop.

There are way too many to list here as it would take a whole new website to list them all!Bottom mark is a crown that looks like it has a v on it when blown up.Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks.On the bottom of the bowl it is imprinted into the "pottery" MINTON towards the N, it is hard to read, so if there was once an S at the end, it is no longer showing and then it also has a mark which I have found online looks like a square divided into 4, which from what I have read, means dated Flora and fauna plant NEW by: That said, I would guess your old possibly genuine antique rather than mere 'vintage' and unusual set would have some value to a keen Crown Staffordshire collector.Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page!

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