Dating belarusian

The country was once a part of Soviet Union and is slowly opening to the world.

While the women of Ukraine, Poland and Russia are already very popular in the dating world, people are slowly waking up to the beauty of Belarusian women. Belarus women are also intelligent, interesting and faithful. Ladies form Belarus are hot and liberating and just the right kind of women you want to date and enter into a long term relationship.

You can tell her interesting facts about your country so that she understands you and your culture better.

It would be a good idea to discus about movies and books.

Minsk, the capital of Belarus is the paradise of beauty. So, if you are interested in dating a Belarusian girl, Minsk should be your destination.

Belarusian women are brilliant and you need to hone your dating skills to win them over.

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an adult, self-sufficient man who loves children, respects people, knows what family values are. Hi, Im Marina and Its a pleasure for me to get to know nice people.

So, when you go on a date with a girl from Belarus make sure you have plenty of interesting anecdotes to share with her. So, make sure that you are wearing clean and tasteful clothes.

I'm an engineer oriented, tech-loving, but social person.

My native language is Russian, but Im in love with Spanish that Im currently learning.

If you are not sure about your conversation skills, make a list of the books you have read and movies you have seen and talk on these when you meet a Belarusian woman. If she is willing to talk about her family, ask her more. If you are going for dinner, take her to a good place where both of you can talk comfortably. Always maintain eye contact while talking to her and never disrespect her. Kissing or touching body parts on the first date should not be encouraged.

While Russian and Ukrainian women are very common in online dating sites, Belarusian women are not that easily available.

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