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Mike Leach is now giving wedding advice in addition to coaching Washington State. The best wisdom I can possibly give on that subject — nine days, you should have come to me sooner — my wisdom would be you have to stay out of the way," Leach said.The Cougars coach was asked about wedding preparation by a reporter who is getting married in nine days. Leach explained the women involved in the wedding were going to "lose their minds" and he was going to be asked multiple questions.Don’t listen to the dating rule that says divide your age by two and add seven and that’s the youngest you should ever go.What truly matters is finding that special someone. I must admit the latter, known as Cougar Dating, was a little hard for me to wrap my head around even as a Dating Coach. Believe it or not, lots of men want to date us -- older men, men our age and even younger men are trying to catch our eye.No, we want to be wined and dined at nice restaurants, and for some of us only the best will do.

Yet here he is, willing to skip out on younger, toned bodies because he thinks we're cool, calm and low maintenance even with wrinkles around our eyes. More recently, I bumped into this gorgeous late 30s or early 40s young man who was a cross between Hugh Laurie and George Clooney. You may find that a man closer to your age is a better fit as someone you want to share your life with.If you are willing to try different ages, body types, careers, and backgrounds, you just might realize that there is a plethora of good guys out there waiting for you. – Die Queen of Pop muss es wissen, schließlich hat sie aus ihrer Vorliebe für Jüngere nie ein Geheimnis gemacht. Heute startete in Deutschland Cougar, eine Website speziell für „Cougars“ – so nennt man im englischen Sprachraum Frauen ab ca. Das Portal in Zahlen: • 52% Frauen, 48% Männer• 51% geschiedene Frauen, 47% Single-Frauen• Durchschnittsalter der Frauen: 39 Jahre • Durchschnittsalter der Männer: 29 Jahre Laut Sabrina Rymarowicz, Sprecherin von Cougar, eine ideale Kombination: Beide Geschlechter finden sich altersmäßig auf dem Gipfel ihrer sexuellen Blüte. Nicht nur Jägerinnen und ihre junge Beute können sich online finden, selbstverständlich gibt es auch Portale, wo junge Frauen ihren älteren „Sugar Daddy“ suchen, der sie aushalten soll.Der 25 Jahre alte Tänzer Brahim Zaibat ist schon seit drei Jahren an der Seite der heute 55-Jährigen. Mitte dreißig, die auf der Jagd nach deutlich jüngeren Männern sind. Auch für Vegetarier und Gothic-Freunde gibt es Spezial-Flirt-Seiten für alle, die gern unter Gleichgesinnten sind – eine ideale Möglichkeit, sich zu verlieben. Dieses Phänomen bekommt nun seine eigenes Dating-Portal.

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    When texting a girl, make sure to avoid the following: If you practice the above habits and advice, you’ll be a texting pro in no time. If you need advice on getting her number in the first place, click here for advice on how to attract and seduce women.