Dating a man with a wandering eye

”) and their attitudes toward infidelity (rating statements like “Being faithful to my romantic partner is important to me”).

Researchers found that participants who had been unknowingly prevented from looking at attractive faces reported less relationship satisfaction and more positive attitudes toward infidelity than people who were allowed to peep at all faces equally.

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Following the computer exercise, all participants filled out questionnaires about their level of relationship commitment and satisfaction (including questions like “How dedicated are you to your relationship?The participants sat before a computer looking at quick-flashing images of face pairs — one attractive, the other average.After the images flashed, one face was replaced with a target letter (E or F), which the participant was instructed to press on the keyboard as accurately and quickly as possible.Which is why a new study suggests that if your partner’s got a wandering eye, you might be better off letting him (or her) enjoy it.Research on romance has consistently shown that men and women who don’t notice attractive strangers tend to be more satisfied in their own relationships and are more likely to stay with their partners long term. When a person is forced to divert his attention from that cute bartender — by, say, a jealous partner’s opprobrium — it could result in a sort of “backlash” effect, which may end up reducing his level of relationship commitment. Blame It on His Mother) That’s the finding of a new study published in the Just as people want jobs they cannot have, salaries they cannot earn, and cars they cannot afford, people may desire attractive alternatives more and desire their current relationship partner less when they are placed in situations that limit their ability to attend to attractive alternatives.

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