Dating a dope dealer online dating true love stories

Sooner or later though, I figured out that I’m killing all my friends. Then I figured out when he leaves town with his wife and kids, I’m responsible for that.

Q: Is it OK to sell to someone under 18 or sometimes, maybe, cut the product slightly to increase your profit margin? While drug dealing is illegal in the United States, there is still an honor code, just as a code of honor exists for all professions and all human beings in all walks of life.

This isn’t a positive image being portrayed by he or his wife.

On Being a Good Drug Dealer Q: Is it OK to boast about the quality of my product to boost sales? Your customers, unless they are novices, will know. Most people prefer, regardless of what they may feign in your presence, to have as little contact as possible with drug dealers.

Q: Is it OK for me to invite the customer to indulge in the product with me or socialize after the deal?

Q: What's the best manner in which to conduct a deal? Remember, while this is a business of acquaintances, it is still a business. Q: Should I weigh the product in front of the customer? Robert Frost wrote, "Good fences make good neighbors." In dealing, good scales make good customers.

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