Dating a deputy sheriff

Falce is survived by his long-time girlfriend as well as a sister, the sheriff said.

A Kentucky sheriff's deputy was forced into resigning following an investigation into a picture he shared on social media.

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Mr Scotti faces an October court date and can be stripped of pay once criminal charges are filed, Mr Mc Donnell said.

Numerous department officials, including former Sheriff Lee Baca, were found guilty in recent years of attempting to derail a federal investigation into alleged abuse of inmates.

(AP) — A 70-year-old, off-duty sheriff's deputy braked to avoid two dogs and was rear-ended by a driver who then got out and delivered a fatal punch, police said Wednesday in announcing a murder charge against the man.

The attack occurred on New Year's Eve and San Bernardino County sheriff's Deputy Lawrence Falce was taken off life support two days later.

Surveillance video from a nearby store captured the encounter, which lasted only about a minute.

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