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You have to remember- that particular "game" has nothing to do with "love", so the "love is beautiful analogy" just doesn't fit. we women play the same game, but we've wanted to change the rules.

Just can't run very fast OK, so you are saying that this is commonly understood. I wasn't sure beyond the first base part, but are you sure that this always refers to the physical? I see that this thread is being voted to delete as redundant. My father was a semi-pro baseball player and I was raised watching and attending and playing "normal" baseball games.

I received a message today from a collaboration of two friends who are wondering about the stages of a relationship. Does a home run in a relationship mean a sexual score or obtaining a committed, meaningful relationship?

We've all heard of someone getting to first base with another person. Give us your thoughts on the stages of a relationship, and what exactly does first base, second base, and third base mean to you in the progression of it.

Maybe if we just stand up and call it like it is that this will stop the enabling.

A scorer is nothing more than a low-life who is hurting one person after another.

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