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Their service was good before - why did they turn into such pricks?East Meet East is a successful platform for creating happy, passionate, and fulfilling relationships.

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Read More Brenton, 23 & Vivian, 22 Read other stories East Meet East is exclusively dedicated to Asiandating.

Three days later, I am still waiting for my slightly revised profile to be reviewed and approved. I hate it so much I'm trying to log in then my account will be easily closed without reason Then because I really wanted to have this site I'm trying to make it again still they closed..

I can only imagine that the new ladies I communicated with have given up on me also. It's sole value is that it is free But would you consider a new car to be valuable if it didn't run, or frequently shut down for no apparent reason and you could not get it serviced anywhere? how can I start if they always close my account and didn't let me to sign in..

It IS free yes, but what does it matter if it doesn't work, it's like having a car without an engine. .suddenly interrupt your couldn't even know the specific reason,why... Any attempts to get back on the site has been shut down, they even use facial recognition technology to make sure you can't get back on the site. There was a huge misunderstanding when I joined Datein Asia.

A asian dating group on Facebook has the same function as Dateinasia has, but Facebook is more concerned about your security. I got banned for saying "Time-zone difference sucks". Let me explain: I am guy from Switzerland who just moved to London, UK. Two of my ex girlfriends in Switzerland were Asian and when I moved to the UK I wanted to find myself an Asian girl again. I opened an account to meet Thai women, and it was permanently closed after I left my first message which included the English spelling of a common and polite Thai word.

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