Dark dating

Jeffrey Dahmer, who raped, murdered, and dismembered 17 men and boys between 19, is the object of many of Mariya's fantasies.

She told me of a trip she took in May this year to his family home in Ohio where he committed his first murder. I don't know if you can see back here but there is a jar over there that has flowers that I personally picked from Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home.

I don't think there is any limit to who I want to talk to or who I think about.

One of the most famous hybristophiliacs is Myra Hindley, the accomplice to Ian Brady and together they sexually assaulted and murdered five children.

I put them in a jar and keep them on my windowsill.

In fact, they draw her in closer, she explained she enjoyed their minds and the power that they yield with manipulation.

As well as regularly posting happy birthday wishes or remembrance posts to those who have been given the death penalty, Mariya has developed very close relationships with some of them.

Mariya, who is a truck driver, is in a relationship with a known killer in Washington state who is a young killer of 3, She would like to keep his identity anonymous. In the 70s he was 15-17 and was one of the accomplices in luring in young boys for Dean Corrl to have his way with and then kill and then they would bury him. When I wrote my first letter in February, I sent out like six and he was the first one to write back to me. I got Wayne on my left side, right near my heart and of course I got Dylann Roof right in the middle which is why everyone hates me. A lot of people think that because I have him tattooed and I idolise him and find him super attractive, that I'm automatically a racist.

One of the most controversial moves Mariya has made was to get the names of racist mass-murderer Dylann Roof, Jeffrey Dahmer (aka the Milwaukee Cannibal), and accomplice to Dean Corll, serial killer Wayne Henley.

Here is the image that has got her banned from Facebook a few times...

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