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bisa aja ni orang shipper-nya mereka berdua dan sengaja bikin ni rumor … tapi mereka berdua beneran jadian , well , mau gimana lagi , tetep dukung doain mereka biar langgeng biarpun aku nangis guling2 ..(harapanku , kekekeke) mereka beneran ada di tuh cafe , mungkin aja mereka cuma “kebetulan” ketemu gitu … 😉 kebanyakan yang nulis ttg artikel tentang ni langsung dihapus artikelnya . mungkin untuk menghindari hal2 yg tidak di inginkan …

Less pop and auto tune; Something that shows their real talent as singers. can't believe the people who post negative comments on a site like this.....i don't even know why you bother reading it at all.......i wouldn't bother taking the time to read, and then make negative comments about something i have no interest in.

Dramas are better because I get to feel your presents more often that alone stops any lonely feelings. 30th Dec2016 #waitingfor Jaejoong He looks so damn Hot with those muscles.still slaying in 2016~ P/s: please update Jaejoong's profile pic to his latest the award, he also won an award for Triangle drama right?? ^_^ *u* I completed watching the whole lot of dramas JJ acted . I watched it like more than 20 times and won't get bored of it. Hope to see you guys soon and the menly men when you come out of the military. Just thought to let you know that we really miss you guys especially our Jae Joong. From middle earth USA, missing JJ already and praying for his safety and health while he's completing his MS.

but I did not make it to go to your fan meet last November in Manila...I believe SOMEDAY... Your a great all round actor but I do hope you get a great first lady to be romantic with in a drama or a movie. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 (From a fan in Thailand.) I miss u oppa:'(wait for you comeback from millitary! assured that he already got enough rest after coming back, I hope that there'd be a new song and a drama! I feel the sadness with his fans and even himself, but we know you are doing a good job, when duty calls, we are proud of you guys. Two years seems like way too long to have to go without seeing JJ.

I wish you would play in lots of dramas and movies cause I love seeing you on the screen and I'm sure there are lots of people who agree with me. All the very best for the future & Happiness always!!! He likes to work behind the scene, he doesn't care whether people will look at him or not. Although my sister and I will come to Korea soon to love you so much. Good luck for your acting and singing career may God Bless You..

Love your songs & voice which I call it FIRE & ICE because you are hot & cold at the same time.. I found his warm heart, kindness, caring to others and he's so down to earth. He also have a great voice, i love his song "i'll pretect u" (OST. I wish he will come to Indonesia with JYJ :)) i definitely love your role in Postman to Heaven and Protect The Boss.act and sing nicely, especially in 12th episode..truthfully, i've never be interest for JYJ or TVXQ,,but since i heard Junsu "you are beautifull" in "scent of woman" and your deep voice in karaoke scene protect the boss, i think now i'm in love with JYJ and TVXQ...

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