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Season: 14Placed: 14th (Expelled)Did it surprise anyone when Willie headbutted Joe? And yet, for some reason, for a few brief years CBS kept bringing more family members out of the woodwork to wreak havoc on their reality show contestants. She was seeing Jase while in the house and none of the other guys liked that, so they aborted plans to save her because of it. I almost left these two off the list because it would be funny, but it's better to just address the fact that Jordan rode Jeff's coattails when they played together and these two are lucky that it was Aaryn Gries' season where Twitter started exposing the racist and homophobic comments said on the livefeeds, because Jeff's anti-gay rant (against Dumbledore!

I do feel bad for her, however, because she had no idea none of the other houseguests liked her until she had a big blow-up with Diane. ) would've been plastered on every entertainment website that summer if it were the case.

He was misogynist and racist, which aired on the live feeds and not on the show.

He called Kevin a "fucking beaner" and ended up getting kicked out of the house first.

A disclaimer: Rankings are based on a combination of likability, gameplay, and how entertaining they were to watch on television.

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Season: 15Placed: Last This fun houseguest commented that sheets in the house smelled bad because "black Candice" was on them.

Aside from making racist comments, he also got bounced first his season. Season: 2Placed: Last (Expelled)So, Justin was nuts. Season: 4Placed: Last The twist for season 4 was "X-Factor," which meant several contestants were playing with their exes.

He repeatedly threatened to do bodily harm to houseguests and also held a knife to Krista's neck while making out with her. When Scott's ex Amanda walked in, he completely lost it and over the next few days had several histrionic moments in the house before he was finally removed by producers.

I'd never seen it, so I had to watch it all before this ranking and I can now see why the show got a makeover that started in season 2, but was fully in effect by season 3.

The show is basically a documentary first and a game show later.

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