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Another aspect of having someone who knows your phone number and address, or can easily figure out where you live by clues you leave in your email correspondence – or that you outright tell him – is that you could be subjecting yourself to harassment by phone and/or in-person.If a phone number is requested and you would like to be able to talk with this person live, and you feel comfortable doing so, ask for his phone number instead. This avoids you having to change your phone number to get away from harassing phone calls that you shouldn’t have had to deal with in the first place.Be Mum About Personal Details Another area where women eager to meet someone new get into trouble is giving out too many personal details too soon in the online dating arena.Since you never really know who it is you’re communicating with, the best practice is to take it slow — really slow, as a matter of fact.First of all, there’s no question that online dating sites have proliferated.From relative obscurity just a few short years ago, there are countless websites today that are advertised on TV, radio, in print and billboard ads and on the Internet. But it’s just this easy access that often has a darker side to it.There are some inherent dangers in online dating that all women need to be aware of, especially if they intend to make use of this new way of dating. Are women taking more risks by engaging in online dating?We’ll take a look at some of the most prevalent dangers. The relative ease of creating a fictitious persona is at the heart of one of the main dangers of online dating.

Remember that when you send out photos over the Internet, the other party can do anything they want with it. Even then, it’s probably better to not send images over the Internet.

Do you want to put in your profile that you’re looking for someone close by, or within 25 to 50 miles, or in another state?

While the temptation, once you start emailing back and forth, will be to want to pick up the phone and/or meet with this individual in-person, this actually may not be a wise strategy, particularly from a safety standpoint.

And it happens all too often that women, young and old, are taken in by someone pretending to be something entirely different than they really are.

Bottom line here: You need to be extremely cautious about who you interact with online at these dating sites.

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