Creating self updating applications with the net compact framework

wy Update automatically determines the language culture of your user's computer and selects the right language. For instance, if the user cancels a software update, or an unforeseen error occurs while updating, wy Update quickly and cleanly restores the previous version of the software.You can easily automate the update building within wy Build using the simple command line interface. It never leaves extras files or registry lying around.With the free and open source Automatic Updater control you can match the quality of Windows Update or the Google Chrome Updater by just adding a simple control to your . You can change wy Update's look by using any one of the professional themes or, if inspiration strikes, create your own design.With the simple interface you'll be able to preview your results instantly.No complicated scripts — just a simple updater that handles all the details.wy Update can work in either standalone mode or fully integrated automatic update mode.When wy Update is in standalone mode all you have to do is include the wy Update executable with your application. Use wy Update as a silent updater whether you've written your app in C, C , Delphi, Java, or any other language.

A user will always be able to check for updates, and will only be prompted for a password if the user doesn't have access to the folders or registry that need to be updated. wy Update will automatically detect, download, and install newer versions of itself.Plus you can run *.exe, *.bat, and *files both before and after an update is installed.Changing the registry is just as easy as adding files.This is mainly due to the desktop-oriented user interface concept on which Windows Forms is based, although some third party libraries with custom controls for this purpose are available. NET Compact Framework, the platform must support the Microsoft . NET Framework as long as they only access the shared parts of both frameworks, though their user interface cannot be upgraded to look like that of an application developed for desktop PCs. NET Compact Framework is also available for the Xbox 360 console.While it features the same runtime as the regular .

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