Courtship dating lyrics meaning

The maxim “if you want your partner to be faithful to you later in marriage life, make sure that he or she is faithful now” plays an important role.

Experience attests that for young people nowadays this test is especially relevant.

As in every school of love, it should be inspired not by a desire for personal gain but by a spirit of giving, of understanding, of respect and gentle consideration.”[2] St Josemaria recommended that this period shouldn't last too long, just long enough to be reasonably sure that the other person is suited for sharing a holy married life.

Courtship helps avoid two extremes that seem to blight relationships today.

This decision, the beginning of the period of courtship, can, from its very outset, be an antidote to the “culture of the temporary” if the couple uses courtship purposefully towards marriage.

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A couple who aims towards this second sort of marriage – the one that lasts – must be ready to put in some thought, prayer and effort, not only during the marriage, but months or even years before the wedding day.

Vital to a happy marriage is a period of serious, purposeful courtship “which should be a time for growing in affection and getting to know each other better.

For this final commitment to be made meaningfully, the period preceding it should be spent well: with openness, objectivity, growth and joyful friendship Love and courtship Courtship is a time of getting to know each other well: it isn’t just about hanging out together and getting to like each other.

This “getting to know each other” should be far from cold and calculating: the couple is not studying each other as one would study a job candidate.

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