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Analysis of social network profiles can also predict personality traits such as emotional stability, life satisfaction, impulsivity, depression and sensationalist interest.Similarly, personality traits can be inferred from information about the websites someone has visited, as well as from phone call records and data about mobile app usage.It maps the structure and scope of today’s digital tracking and profiling ecosystems and explores relevant technologies, platforms and devices, as well as key recent developments. » Full Report as PDF Cracked Labs is an independent research institute and creative laboratory based in Vienna, Austria.While the full report is available as PDF download, this web publication presents a ten part overview. How Companies Collect, Combine, Analyze, Trade, and Use Personal Data on Billions. Previous projects include Data Dealer, an award-winning online game on privacy.Large online platforms, digital advertising companies, data brokers, and businesses in many sectors can now identify, sort, categorize, assess, rate, and rank consumers across platforms and devices.Every click on a website and every swipe on a smartphone may trigger a wide variety of hidden data sharing mechanisms distributed across several companies and, as a result, directly affect a person’s available choices.

The pervasive real-time surveillance machine that has been developed for online advertising is rapidly expanding into other fields, from pricing to political communication to credit scoring to risk management.

For example, the large insurer Aviva, in cooperation with the consulting firm Deloitte, has predicted individual health risks, such as for diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and depression, for 60,000 insurance applicants based on consumer data traditionally used for marketing that it had purchased from a data broker.

The consulting firm Mc Kinsey has helped predict the hospital costs of patients based on consumer data for a “large US payor” in healthcare.

Scientific studies show that many aspects of someone’s personality can be inferred from data on web searches, browsing histories, video viewing behaviors, social media activities, or purchases.

For example, sensitive personal attributes such as ethnicity, religious and political views, relationship status, sexual orientation, and alcohol, cigarette, and drug use can be quite accurately inferred from someone's Facebook likes.

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