Consolidating unsecured debt

Common approaches to handling unsecured debt consolidation fall into 2 broad categories: Another tactic, debt settlement, is sometimes confused with debt consolidation but is actually very different.With a debt settlement solution, a settlement company tries to negotiate with a consumer's creditors to get them to accept a pay-off amount that's less than what is actually owed.They also give you a clear description of the P2P lending process, and Getting unsecured debt consolidation loans from them has recently become a bit easier as Lending Club only requires a minimum credit score of 600 and only has slightly stricter criteria for giving out peer-to-peer loans than Prosper Marketplace, including a stricter Unlike those two peer-to-peer loan companies, Avant Loans is not a peer-to-peer lender and instead directly funds each debt consolidation loan itself.

Avant recently made their unsecured debt consolidation loans available to more eligible states.Unsecured debt consolidation is a means of packaging multiple debts together in a way that makes them easier to pay off.Unsecured debts are personal debts for which there is no physical collateral, like homes and automobiles.Creditors can and often do refuse to participate in such debt settlements, and these settlements can often be very damaging to a debtor's credit score rating with serious tax implications even on the debt amount that was forgiven. Though Prosper Marketplace requires a credit score of 640 , they take into account a wide range of factors other than your credit rating when determining your APR.The Prosper loan website is easy to navigate, with clearly disclosed rates and fees.

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