Considerations about map updating and images resolution

This method of distributing images is particularly suited to creating components, as the image is bundled with the code.

To embed an image in a project, right-click to add new items and select the image/s you wish to add.

Android alternate resolution images should be placed in specially-named directories in the Android project, as shown in the following screenshot: Some controls have properties that display an image, such as: Embedded images are also shipped with an application (like local images) but instead of having a copy of the image in each application's file structure the image file is embedded in the assembly as a resource.In this example the resource ID is *Working With Images.The IDE has generated this default by concatenating the Default Namespace for this project with the filename, using a period (.) between each value.By default the image will have Build Action: None; this needs to be set to Build Action: Embedded Resource.The Build Action can be viewed and changed in the Properties window for a file.

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