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It’s highly readable, and uses both neutral and positive language. I’ve read many other books intended for the lay person regarding adult ADHD, and some used intimidating scientific jargon.Some had an excess of scary photos of brain cross-sections, which were incomprehensible to the non-neuroscientists among us.In comparison, this book was direct, written in plain language, service-oriented, and encouraging.I was impressed by how comprehensive it was, in terms of topics covered and extra tidbits of related information.This book stays true to its mandate and structure, making it easier to read, more accessible, and less anxiety-producing than might otherwise be the case had an overabundance of difficult case histories been paraded before the reader.In authors wisely stuck to their mission, which appeared to be simply to present useful, up-to-date information that an adult ADHDer (or their loved ones and friends) could use to better comprehend ADHD and to move forward after diagnosis.

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Especially helpful is a short, point-form summary at the end of each chapter called “The Least You Need to Know.” This point-form list includes the main points of each chapter, for quick and easy reference.While it would have been impossible to delve completely into any one topic, as mentioned, this book is a great starting point for anyone beginning to learn about adult ADHD.If the reader wishes to explore a topic more fully, a Resources section at the back of the book provides, among other things, a list of helpful magazines, books, online resources and ADHD communities.The book is divided into six parts, followed by Appendices.As mentioned, this book is remarkable in its breadth (but, by necessity, not in depth) and touches upon just about every area a newly diagnosed adult ADHDer would be curious about.

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