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This comments on itself, as does this further tidbit: In countries with more gender equality, the average age difference is much smaller. The length of a relationship strongly correlates with the likelihood that relationship will continue.

The source data is proprietary, and in a lot of cases may not even exist any more in the same exact form as databases turn over, and users delete or update their information. How will sniffing out correlations — romantic or otherwise — help Facebook make more money?After all, nobody wants to snooze through Mass alone. The average age gap between coupled men and women grows with the man’s age.From the male angle, an older dude is more likely to have a young girlfriend than one his age; a young man is likely to date someone close to his own age.“Three months” of online linking probably means much longer in the carbon world. When you break up with someone, your friends interact with you more.Whether their communication involves sharing a Spotify playlist of breakup ballads or commenting on yet another selfie of you at the club (“looking for hotties”), true friends come through, virtually. On the other hand, it’s worth taking a second to consider where this data comes from.

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